Conical, metric male thread ACC. DIN 158

Thread Metric conical male thread acc. DIN 158
Abbreviation M keg
Designation DIN 158 – M 30 x 2 keg
Type of thread female thread cylindric (M-thread acc. DIN 13)
male thread thread conical (cone 1:16)
Application Conical outside threads for tube connections, with sealant (see page 10) sealing in the thread.
Description Threads acc. to this norm are used for pipe connections with conical screw-in plugs size C, which are to screw into cylindric screw-in holes size Z, both acc. to DIN 3852 part 1 (see page 8 – 10). The distance a of the relating level corresponds to DIN 3852 part 1. The conical outside thread of this norm shows at the relating level &147; the same effective diameter as the relating cylindric inner thread acc. DIN 13, so it can be manually screwed in until that relating level.The adjustment power created by using of a suitable tool increases the thread reach and seals the screw connection supported by a suitable sealant (e.g. hemp or Teflon). Outside-, effective and core diameter show the same ±tolerance, the tabular form list shows averages only. The cylindric inner thread acc. DIN 13 shows the tolerance -4H5H, to keep the free space between the crest of thread and the leakage space as small as possible.
external thread
outside Ø
effective Ø
core Ø
M 8 x 1,0 keg10.61387.356.7732.58
M 10 x 1,0 keg10.613109.358.7732.58
M 12 x 1,5 keg1.50.921211.02610.163.512
M 14 x 1,5 keg1.50.921413.02612.163.512
M 16 x 1,5 keg1.50.921615.02614.163.512
M 18 x 1,5 keg1.50.921817.02616.163.512
M 20 x 1,5 keg1.50.922019.02618.163.512
M 22 x 1,5 keg1.50.922221.02620.163.514